We are a field hockey team called INTA from the small Lithuanian town of Širvintos. This year we celebrate our 30th anniversary! About 100 field hockey players of various ages – mostly children – train with us and our three coaches, who have been a part of INTA from the very beginning.
Due to financial circumstances, we do not yet have a specialised hockey pitch or hall (during the winter, hockey players have to make do with a basketball court, and in the spring/summer season, practice is held in a very small field), so for now we must travel to other cities in order to compete. Although INTA’s players have not yet fulfilled their dream of having a proper hockey pitch, strong field hockey traditions as well as the efforts of the coaches and players themselves have ensured that INTA’s history is not lacking in substantial achievements. INTA players are often invited to play for the national team, they have won gold medals in European junior championships, 2 silver medals in European championships, and 3 gold medals in the under-21 category. In national championships INTA has been a prize-winner every year. The men’s team has been the national champion twice.
INTA field hockey training sessions, competitions and equipment are free of charge, thus giving every child a chance to play this great game.

“In such a small town the children do not have many opportunities. Since there are many families in Širvintos that are not well-off, field hockey also plays a very important social role, it encourages children to integrate into the community, builds character and healthy lifestyle habits. Too often this sport is the only way a child can realise himself, see other cities. INTA has deep-rooted field hockey traditions, professional and committed coaches, but there is a great lack of material support.”− Živilė Šalkauskienė
“If it was not for field hockey in Širvintos, I wouldn’t have visited all these countries, I wouldn’t be where I am now. In such a small town this is a great way for kids to take their minds off things, it prevents them from getting into activities that aren’t so great.”− Loreta Gatelytė
“My team is in Širvintos. I feel great being its member and I wouldn’t change my team for any other”.− Giedrius Adomavičius

INTA’s main funding comes from the municipality budget. A small part of the funds are collected from the parents of players. However, there is only ever enough money for a few months. A lack of funds sometimes prevents us from going to competitions in other locations. Besides, the game requires expensive sporting equipment, as well as safety gear, uniforms and other essential items.
In today’s world it is also difficult not to speak of how computers, smart phones and other technology influence the motivation of children and young people to exercise and participate in sporting activities. It is often the case that families living on social benefits do not have enough money to buy sportswear and footwear, and for children from such families this is one of the few activities they can afford (field hockey training sessions are free) and the only opportunity for them to see other Lithuanian cities and possibly even other countries. This is why suitable equipment and the possibility to travel to tournaments are great encouragement and motivation to participate in this character-building and worldview-broadening team sport.
Thus, your support means more opportunities for children to participate in field hockey. More sticks – more children playing. More fuel – more competitions. More joy!
This is a great encouragement for the future and us – INTA hockey players and Lithuanian field hockey in general.

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